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Current Projects: (1) Messier 42, 43, The Running Man Nebula and NGC1999 in Orion; (2) Messier 106 & friends

(1) Messier 106 & friends

Messier 106 (also known as NGC 4258) is an intermediate spiral galaxy in the constellation Canes Venatici. It was discovered by Pierre Méchain in 1781. M106 is at a distance of about 22 to 25 million light-years away from Earth. M106 contains an active nucleus classified as a Type 2 Seyfert, and the presence of a central supermassive black hole has been demonstrated from radio-wavelength observations of the rotation of a disk of molecular gas orbiting within the inner light-year around the black hole. NGC 4217 is a possible companion galaxy of Messier 106. A Type II supernova was observed in this galaxy in May 2014. (Wikipedia).

WO 132FLT at F5.6; GM1000HPS mount; QSI683wsg-8; Astrodon LRGB filters; 30 x 600s Lum; 48 x 600s RGB; 10.5 hrs total integration; March 2018; Home observatory, Totnes.

(2) Mandel-Wilson 2 The Angel Nebula

This very faint nebula is composed from tenuous IFN, Integrated Flux Nebula : "Integrated Flux Nebulae is the term I've coined to describe high galactic latitude nebulae that are illuminated not by a single star (as most nebula in the plane of the Galaxy are) but by the energy from the integrated flux of all the stars in the Milky Way. These nebulae clouds, an important component of the Interstellar Medium, are composed of dust particles, hydrogen and carbon monoxide and other elements. " (Mandel-Wilson Catalog Page).

Captured between 23 February and 17 April 2018 from e-Eye Extremadura in Spain, comprising 31.5hrs integration.  Lum 93 x 600s; RG&B each 32 x 600s.

Image acquisition: Steve Milne & Barry Wilson.  Processing: Barry Wilson


I have been fascinated with astronomy since childhood ever since I read Patrick Moore's "The Observer's Book of Astronomy" and became a devotee of BBC's "The Sky at Night". This website aims to display what can be achieved by an amateur astrophotographer in their backgarden - Totnes, Devon, UK, in my case - equiped with dedication, patience and perseverance, especially from my family!

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Nebulae images

IC447 in Monoceros

IC447 in Monoceros

The beautiful reflection nebula IC447 in Monoceros. I've shunned a moody rendition to celebrate the glorious colour and variety across the composition.