Nebulae - Barry Wilson
NGC2174 The Monkey Head Nebula

NGC2174 The Monkey Head Nebula

Some relief between weather fronts enabled me to capture enough data for this Hubble palette composition. The data has been captured over a couple of weeks since 30th November, almost sub-by-sub in whatever breaks materialised. Orion traverses above my house and with a neighbouring sycamore tree I only ever have a short window to image. Having a relatively low altitude doesn't help with gradients and seeing either, so I am pleased with the result.

The portrait presentation convinces my brain that I'm looking at the side view of a monkey, with hand to mouth and wavy hair. We do love to seek out patterns . . .

In between Ha capture and SII/OIII capture stormy weather ripped off the central strip of roofing felt on my home observatory! Fortunately when I returned home and saw the damage I had a roll of felt, tacks and bitumen sealer paint in my garage. Thanks to my mate Richard, a couple of hours later and the observatory was back to water tight, just in time for the rain to arrive. Phew.

Details: WO FLT132 at F7; QSI683 wsg-8; 10 Micron GM1000HPS; Astrodon 5nm Ha; 12 x 1200s Ha; 12 x 1200s SII; 12 x 1200s OIII; Total integration 12hrs. December 2017