In these pages I intend to explain some of my PixInsight processing techniques.  I hope that they will be of help to those learning how best to use PI - as I still am.  You may find better techniques on other sites and forums since I don't profess to be an expert.  My cameras are all mono CCD cameras and my tutorials are aimed at mono CCD users.  However many of the techniques illustrated will be applicable to processing CMOS data as well as OSC data.

The PI forum is an excellent reference and I would also strongly recommend a visit to Harry's Astro Shed excellent tutorials, Harry's PI tutorials, Warren Keller's DVDs/website and PI book Inside PixInsight are also an invaluable resource, IP4AP home page, Karyon Mercieca Light Vortex site, Light Vortex Astronomy and David Ault's Astrophotography Blog, Trapped Photons.

If reading through these tutorials you find that the PixInsight interface used in the images looks slightly different from the one on your own PC it may simply be that I use a Mac and I believe there are subtle differences to the interface and layout between the two.

I hope you find these tutorials of use and if you would like a topic added please just send me a message . . . you'll find me on SGL or AstroBin.

Good luck and Clear Skies!